Writing Promises Change

When my sister drew to my attention how my blog was accessible to foreign eyes, I felt insecure and created a second blog. As I revisit this a few month’s later today, I realised the significance of the name I gave this blog.

Writing Promising Change.

Our dear Reverend Lai has been constantly urging us to write. Language is from God, and to be able to use the written word for the glory of God to spread His Truth, is a gift we should yearn and pray for. I have not done that enough; I have conjured up excuse after excuse to pardon my slothfulness in my mind and my body to write. And what could possibly have been promptings from the Holy Spirit have long grown cold and weak, just like the spiritual fire in my soul about to be snuffed out.

I was moved to tears for two reasons when Mum read out Reverend Lai’s last short story, “The Battle Drum of Little Matthew”. The first reason was how the fictitious story echoed the zeal and the spirit Reverend Lai exuded while he led our church in living an upright missional life.  The second reason was something I never felt so strongly for, and that was the stark realization of how powerful words can be. Words can paint pictures, leave deep impressions in a person’s heart, mind and soul, build up or tear down, support or destabilize. With that, I suddenly felt moved to devote myself to writing, finally, to respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Reverend Lai, and ask God for the gift and foresight to begin writing what I could share with others humbly. I pray my search for this gift will be a humbling and fruitful one.

With that, I hope this blog marks the start of my conviction and commitment to begin writing. Not perfect essays or eloquent articles, but putting thoughts, prayers and reflections down into words. This, will mark a change in my promise to write for the Lord.

Writing can also change people’s hearts, minds and souls. May all the words that are written or spoken, be edifying and build people up to become restored in the Lord.

Hello, writingpromisingchange. <3


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