#03_Thoughts on Teaching

Need to know my kids and fall in love with them, and not just the them in the classroom.

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After ten weeks of falling in and out of love with my students, I still have not learn to love my kids with all my heart. I lament that my love is so human in all its limitations and boundaries. It is so much easier loving students who are keen, responsible and respectful learners; while neglecting students who are unmotivated, uncooperative, and disrespectful. Yet, if we really think about it, it is the latter group of students who needs our love and attention, even if it means they first need to learn to learn. So this commitment to “know my kids and fall in love with them, and not just the them in the classroom”, still remains unfulfilled.

I was absent on Teachers’ Day, but when I returned to school during the holidays for a workshop and to pick up my worksheets and textbooks, I saw a few stranded teachers’ day cards in my pigeon hole. One of them was from a student I never expected. He was the boy I would call on without fail in the middle of every class for either (A) forgetting to bring a piece of work (B) disturbing his classmates (C) not participating and doing the assigned class work. He was the first boy I gave demerit points to, and the first student I sent for detention. He was the boy I spent recesses and lunches chasing after, giving pep talks and signing contractual agreements. He was the boy I was beginning to find hard to love because it is a challenge to understand him and make him understand me.

Perhaps rather than out of his own will, his parents made him drop me a note. Yet, receiving that unexpected note just warmed my heart. It made me realize that D may be a tough nut to understand with his really ridiculous decisions not to submit his work, but he was still a boy with a heart as big as his self.

Many times our kids are lovely kids who are misguided or who lacks guidance, which explains why they choose to do things based on their whims and fancies and emotions, and on which side of the bed they get up from. More on this to come. For now, as the forth term of the school year begins, may I keep the heart and conviction to see the best in every student, and love them because they are a creation of God, and they are special. I need to fall in love with them; and fall in love with my job.



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