Weighing Scales, Unkind Surprise and Scherenschnitte

Today was a tiring but eventful day. Suffice it to say I was running about continuously from the start to the end of the day. Thank God I had one period or so to grab some brunch before the nasty Oral exams.

We had to take our height and weight (and blood pressure) to measure our BMI. Guess what, after not stepping onto weighing scales for years, I have currently overstepped the 60.0 kg mark. I am in dire need of exercise, a diet, and a healthy lifestyle. It is time to face our current status squarely and work at it; that is how improvement is born, right?

  1. I stopover for coffee or a snack when I am hungry and need to do some marking.
  2. Having a meal almost naturally comes with a drink. Even when I have H20 beside me.
  3. When I am stressed, I binge on food.
  4. I love milk. When I am thirsty, I thirst for milk.
  5. I drink lots of coffee. In the morning, it is my energizer drink. In the afternoon, it is the best choice of drink available. In the evening, it is my companion for a late-night’s work.

Okay. So five unlawful habits to quit while I think about how to get started on that exercise regime.

I sprang an unkind surprise on my class today: there was a miscommunication and we all thought the kids would be taking their oral tomorrow. I only informed them three hours before the examination, and of course their responses were nasty. They were probably upset, but they were not angry, although I must admit it was a really nasty surprise for them kids. I tried my best to do damage control, but despite the miscommunication, I am not overwhelmingly sorry about the mistake – they would not be prepared even if they had a day’s notice in advance. Some students took it positively, and tried to make the best of the situation. Others gave a bitter face and grumble as they try. Still others just give up. It was the best time to observe the students’ resilience.

Lastly, I learned a new word this evening: Scherenschnitte. It’s german for paper cutting. Now I found a beautiful website with a range of designs for paper cutting, and I have a secret aspiration that I can cut such designs too in future! (Looking at upcoming weddings at the end of the year)  http://papercutting.blogspot.com/  :)


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