By Default

November 20 is the day when I get to get a free phone upgrade. This opens a really huge door for me, because I can discard my current cranky phone (that has served me well in the past up until in recent months) and get a new phone (probably an android phone). I am definitely excited, and while I have joked about it, but I do still have reservations (or thoughts) about this whole getting an iphone trend.

Firstly, my family doesn’t buy into this iphone fashion. Paying hundreds for a phone just “to fit in”, “for convenience” or “for the apps” etc. is not a legitimate justification for (I’d imagine) most of my family members. I need to be very well persuaded in order to be persuasive that I’m not blindly buying into a trend just because. I need to know what exactly I want to do with my phone before I decide which one to get.

Secondly, I really only want my phone to make calls and send smses. And I find it increasingly awful that the world is creating an app for everything. From predicting bus arrival times, to forecasting the weather, to using a planner and organizer. What’s worse, I think these apps are useful. They help to make your life more efficient. Do you need them? No. But you could do very well with them, especially since everyone else is doing well with them. Level playing ground, you know? THE PHONE is no longer a simple electronic tool to do the two most essential things – to make phone calls and send smses. Now everything else has become essential because time is so expensive and worth saving rawr.

Let’s move on to some of my thoughts.

Recently I feel like I’m getting booked for not having an iphone. The point is that it seems like it has become my fault for not having one. My friends use the iphone what’sapp to arrange for dinners. That makes me quite unhappy because now it seems like that silly what’sapp is the default form of communication now. Since when has what’sapp become the default form of communication? Speaking of which, since when has Twitter or Facebook become the default form of communication? Shouldn’t that only be an option of communication between people who use an iphone or accesses Twitter or Facebook on a regular basis?

I have been feeling quite bummed because I have been spited enough for not using an android and/or not using Twitter often enough. We dictate how we want to use these gadgets and tools; not let these gadgets and tools inform how we live and communicate with our friends in real life. And because of this apple mania I have decided not to get an iphone. I think that would be a decision that hopefully speaks louder than words.


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