An Accomplished Day

I have never felt so accomplished in a day. This proves that it is better to work than not to work at all!

I woke up and made my way to school, mentally prepared to clear my workstation at school. It is a mess, with piles of worksheets and documents stacked up all over my desk. As much as there is truth in an orderly mess, my messy workstation that threatened to compromise on my optimum efficiency at work. So there – the mess has to go. I worked from 9am to 2pm – nearly five whole hours – and to keep myself sane, I sang and talked to myself, being a humongous idiot in the staffroom.

Then I decided to drive down to Suntec Convention Hall to the Popular Bookfest! I know the name Popular may not ring a particularly sweet sound to some (it has a horrible range of fiction books in my opinion) but just going to a huge hall with books and stationery just made me happy. So I browsed through novels, non-fiction books, encyclopedias, history books, stationery racks, and everything else they had there. It was bliss – albeit with an empty tummy.

I bought stickers – colourful, bright and cheap stickers. Postit pads – they use so much of this in school! More than pens! I bought files. I also bought an illustrated William Blake poetry book, a photography book by Nat Geo, a book on Famous Speeches in history, and a Physics Ideas book for the boys. Happy happy things. :) After shopping, I dropped by Starbucks to grab their Toffee Nut Latte – a random treat!

Thank God I had a colleague who kindly offered to show me the way back. And what marks the end of an accomplished day? My wonderful brother accompanying me for a jog at Bishan Park at night. Now that my calves are truly aching, I feel truly accomplished. :)

Previously, not working and lazing around seemed a great thing to do. But after today, I am persuaded that an active lifestyle is the way to go! More activity, less lounging and gaining fats!



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