Family Outing to IKEA!

Our family made a trip down to IKEA last evening to shop for some new furniture for our study room hall, no, hallway. With limited space in our HDB flat, we decided it was time to revamp our study hallway (it connects the dining area to the family hall) to accommodate the four/five of us maximally utilising our space.

The boys did homework on our behalf by taking relevant measurements, and we headed off to IKEA for our family outing! Despite being laden with our task, it was a jolly fun trip because it is the first time the five of us could head out of the house with a common purpose. (Well, 2 common purposes, if you consider the IKEA meatballs.)

Two hours into the outing, we settled on what furniture we wanted. It was good fun seeing our two brothers work together carrying heavy furniture and pushing heavy trolleys. To do my part, I paid for dinner at the IKEA Restaurant – a definite family treat! :) Well, brother #1 did step on my toes with his untactful impatience, but I guess putting that aside, just going out as a family was a treat.

So in the next two evenings, they brothers will begin to set up the desks. Out with the old, in with the new!! (Or is it the other way around?) I have a new working desk whee!

As a side note, I recognise that our family’s financial situation is not the easiest, but mum did not let the burden of money get in the way of selecting a conducive, comfortable furniture for us. The ka-ching ka-ching price-tag was not the main issue on her mind, and getting a good working desk for the family was her utmost priority. I really appreciate that, mum. Many things cannot be measured with money, and this is definitely one of them.


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