New Desk

Our brother spent the entire day fixing up our new IKEA furniture – 2 corner workstations, 2 study desks and 1 extended study desk. All chestnut and cream in colour – I love the combination!

Now I have my personal study desk – magnetic note board; chestnut-coloured paper folders; book stands; computer; study lamp; drawers. I cannot, imagine a family any more generous and giving than mine. This is one reason I cannot wait to start work in 2012! :)

My POSB Everyday Card arrived in the mail today – that is another reason to smile and sing about. Finally! Rebates for SPC Petrol haha!

And this afternoon, brother, sister and I went for this public talk organised by the EU Centre about World, Folk or Local Music? Really I think what the speakers (Dr Tan Shzr Er and A Prof Barnard Turner) were getting us to think and talk about was how “music” relates with “identity” and “culture”, and to consider the fluid and amorphous definitions of those terms, as well as how music and identity (politically, social, cultural) are interrelated. I enjoyed the exposure to my otherwise very amateurish knowledge of songwriters and musicians, and I also welcomed the discussion on whether we should consider music to be embedded in another or fused with others.

Okay, way beyond our 1130pm curfew haha!

I love my new desk!


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