I Love What I Do

Because I don’t want to ever look back and think, “you shouldn’t have, hoshao”, I want to write that I love what I do. 

I love how the students past and present come up to you for advice on various matters – academic and non-academic. I have not taught that many students, but already I realize that as educators we are in a prime position to influence and guide them children in the littlest ways that will shape their lives. When they are late, we are often in the best place to admonish them and rationalize their selfish behavior. When they have done well, we are often in the best place to praise them and encourage them to go further. And, although them kids may not act like they do, they often listen. 

I love the conversations I can have with my students, because they look up to you as a teacher, an older sister, a mother (well, I don’t know about mother), someone who can mentor and guide them when they have questions. Often they do, and we decide how to handle them to help them best learn. 

I love it that this job is dynamic and fluid. One day the students are crazy monsters, but the next they can be gentle giants. This job allows you to work with real people, real kids, real lives that matter. It allows you to be you, to an extent. 

I love it that there are many like-minded like-hearted people where I work at. The awful twitter trend is disgusting and foolish and disgraceful (plus all the other words I cannot care to name) but believe it or not I love the community that God has led me to be a part of. I may not be the best teacher I can be right now (definitely, surely not) but I certainly want to move in that direction. 

I love it that I can learn so much from the students too. They may be young and amateurish in many regards, but there are moments when they touch you and they teach you things too. The interactors did an awesome job at the food distribution drive event this afternoon, I am proud of them. 

I love too how some students are amazing role models for me as well. Their dedication and commitment is exemplary even among us teachers. 

There are just too many reasons why I love my job. Even though it bogs me down and screws up my body clock and makes me a dysfunctional member in my family (right now). I really enjoy what I do. Thank you naughty kids. I think you make me a more confident, compassionate, better person. 


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