Travelling, Music and Life

Okay, this is a poor title to weave together this wonderful article by Daisann McLane. She writes about travelling, the impulsiveness and jazz of it all. She also explains how travelling is like creating music. And it is like life:

Trip planning is the rehearsal, travel the performance. Every small choice that we make on the road changes our travel melody, shapes it into a song that is ours, and ours alone.

This all happens in a split second. Life, like music, doesn’t pause while you plan your solo. It can be scary to improvise our own travel riffs. There always is some risk, from the trivial (ending up in a boring or unpleasant place) to the serious (getting into an unsafe situation).

And I think it really speaks to me, this, embracing the scary, taking some risks, being unafraid to make decisions that are different and based on my fancies, interests and passions.

When I was in Loughborough, my biggest regret would perhaps have been my inertia at travelling. If I had to decide between staying over the weekend to enjoy some warm toast and coffee in town, or just taking the plunge and travelling to a nearby city to explore and get lost on my own, I would always choose the former. It was more logical, it was more convenient, it was safer. But life is not about being safe, or stirring clear of dangers at all costs, is it?

How should we improve if we are forever content playing the same melody and never venturing beyond the few notes we are comfortable running our fingers over?

I forgot the link to the article!


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