I recently gave in to liking (Yes, Facebook liking) some music groups and bands. One of them is Boyce Avenue. I am in love with almost all their covers, and what’s best is that even though they are doing covers of the original, I think they have a lot of heart in meaning what they sing. Kudos. Scotty McCreery is also making me turn the music up when I clear my late-night stacks of marking. His voice makes me smile. Of course, I also love Martina McBride, who sings my absolute favourite, “God’s Will”.

I think I do need to fix my eyes back on Christ again. As much as I would hope, I cannot rely on my own strength to face life’s battles. Fighting for those extra minutes of sleeping time, or paying for more expensive good meals to cheer myself up and searching for a conducive marking cum coffee spot to do marking and lesson planning is not a long-term solution at all. What’s more, as much as I would like to bring joy and good cheer to my colleagues, I cannot do that without being close to Him.

Food for thought.


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