The Honest Truth

The honest truth is that I am not getting the hang of this work-life balance thing.

I don’t know if members of the teaching fraternity tend to exaggerate and compound the labour required of ourselves, or if our job scope really just, well, overflows. I don’t know if I should expect my family and friends to empathise the predicament my friends and I seem to be in, or if I should be whacked and scolded so I can whip myself back into shape. Truth be told, I don’t know what I should expect of myself anymore. Talk about a quarter-life crisis.

This weekend is an exceptional downer because the two tests I am marking just reeks of red crosses and failing grades. It silently screams, and in your face: WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING, TEACHER? 

So I did not attend church today, citing the heaps of work and a badly behaving nose. Both are real reasons, but I exaggerate, and I feel ashamed for actually lying about it to save my own skin.

At this point… I don’t even feel like a Christian anymore. :(


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