I went for a concert tonight with two colleagues and sisters-in-Christ. As exhausted and frantic as I was trying to sort out business at school before leaving, having just returned from level camp yesterday afternoon, I don’t regret the three hours this evening having a great dinner fellowship with the ladies, and going for the concert. This is a response I decided to pen down and email them. I am no music expert, but I am pretty sure I can discern a good choir from a bad one. And these people are professional and awesome. Their first three concerts have never let me down. If you are the sort who enjoys music, chorale and creativity, you should check them out too!

Dear all,

I attended tonight’s performance by ONE and was once again captivated by the enchanting and soulful music. Thank you Joel for the invitation year after year; two of my colleagues who are music teachers were severely impressed by the performance tonight as well; and it was certainly time well-spent away from work (bleah).
Tonight’s performance resonated with me in particular. Work has been crazy busy, and we had just finished our school’s level camps yesterday afternoon, leaving little time to prepare for the onslaught of work in the coming week. The opportunity cost of coming for the concert tonight was pretty high, but I took home a lot more than I expected to. :) One or two of the songs performed tonight nearly moved me to tears – your rendition of “Asa Yueni” and “O Nata Lux” was so hauntingly beautiful and powerful, it made me remember the joy in music and in living beyond just the walls of the staff-room; made me remember how important music is to living; made me realize how powerful music can be in teaching us little lessons of appreciation, humility and happiness. I returned home tonight remembering again to take note of the little simple joys around us which we so easily overlook because we lose ourselves in the busyness of our fast-paced lives. So thank you for that very important lesson: to keep our heads up, take life a step at a time, enjoy the little simple pleasures around us, always have a heart of thanksgiving and always bearing confidence to do that.
Please continue in your conviction to use the Voice to make music and inspire others through it! It is really a gift and I look forward to more upcoming concerts from ONE. (My colleagues too!)

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