Before I Close My Eyes Tonight

I must have written this short draft of a New Year Resolution on my phone on 31 December 2011. Decided that it was worth letting this post see the light of day on WPC. :)

I have 35 minutes to write something in 2011. And i thought, i’d better take it, because 2012 will have to be different.

I started working this year, paid my first taxes, treated my family to meals, bought my own watch and hp (before mr shao comes along and shops for those with me) and i really need to give thanks to God simply for the ability to give back to others as a teacher.

Our dearest Reverend and spiritual father and family friend, Mu Shi has also returned to the Lord. Mum still grieves in a lot of pain sometimes. I know she misses him very much because he fought the spiritual warfare with her at the frontlines and gave her wisdom and so much courage. These few nights i hear her sobbing and sniffing more often. I pretend not to hear it to keep her privacy. But his passing though painful, hasn’t weakened our community or camaraderie as a church. I praise the Lord for that.

Next year i said i would like to be less of a couch potato and a coward, and more of a proactive servant worker. I need to be less forgiving for my own mistakes and love others with a bigger heart. May 2012 prove to be even sweeter because of His grace.

Goodbye 2011!


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