Essays in Love (I)

Upon recommendation by some friends, I purchased the book “Essays in Love” by Alain De Botton from BookDepository. Given it’s short, lyrical manner that so accurately captured human emotions and capacity at its most intrinsic and precise, I cannot put this book down. It’s almost akin to a painter painting a scene exactly like a photograph of it would look like – only that he did not first see it with his own pair of eyes.

Anyway, this one of many short statements I found to be true:

Every fall into love involves the triumph of hope over self-knowledge.

How apt and how true. We know for a fact love is not romantic and dreamy like movies (still) make it out to be. But we live off that idealistic desire that love can be romantic and dreamy like in movies, anyway. When we fall “in love” if there ever was such a thing, it would be because we desire a suspension of reality, a pretending that true love is not bollocks, and that reality is a dream.

But in a strange elusive way, Alain De Botton’s lyrical thoughts on love and life is making me become more of a cynic really, about the concept of falling in love altogether. I am not sure if the book is meant to have that sort of impact of its readers. In any case, it may be a good dose of joy heart medicine I need right now, to take my mind away from things unreal and unnervingly so.

So, to De Botton, thank you! Gracias!


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