List of To-Dos and Getaway!

Today we finished the Green Living @ NSE which we have been making preparations for the longest time!! Phew everything went relatively smoothly, a few hiccups, but it was all good. Putting pressure on ourselves and the girls every once in a while can be somewhat… therapeutic, actually.

Here’s the rest of my to-do list (allow me to let out a tiny scream at this point, please – arh!):

  • 3R Data Collation and Draft by 7 September
  • Green Audit Data Collation and Draft
  • National Pushcart Challenge 2012 – meet up with social entrepreneur and project proposal
  • Project Kaleidoscope Book Launch in November
  • National Pushcart Challenge 2012 – project development and task in November

By this weekend:

  • Plan lessons for Sec 2, 3, 4 in Week 10
  • Mark Prelims 2 for Sec 4 NA Literature – halfway through!
  • Set questions for Sec 3 Comprehension for meeting by Monday 3pm
  • Write and Submit BCV Award Nominations by Monday
  • Type in and submit Passport details to Celine by Monday
  • Churn out Marks Analysis for EL Dept by Tuesday
  • Pass results to FT/C0-FT for Literature by Tuesday morning after checking scripts
  • Chase kiddos for FILES (kill me nawww)
  • Mark – Summary, Personal Recount, Comprehension Worksheets yada yada (all sitting on my desk catching dust bleah)


I and I have made it official. We have bought tickets to Melbourne for the end of the year WOOTS!! It is confirmed, finalized, done, and sealed! :D

May the rest of the year look up lift up!  :D


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