Warm Happy Things

This school holiday has been riveting with plenty of sweet goodness. Twice this week I have had unstoppable cravings for waffles and ice cream, and twice this week I have insisted on satisfying them cravings for those warm happy things.

Haato & Co. on Saturday, and Scoopz this evening, as a yummilicious and extravagant and sinful treat, twice with my mother and with each of my two brothers. I guess the best part of the evening lies not in the sweet waffles but the time spent with the two growing young men of the family. They can be so reticent they hardly speak, but somehow, sweet pleasurable waffles always help to break down the barriers and make happy boys loosen up.

Mum prefers Haato & Co.’s waffles because they taste better, but for what it’s worth, I am most easily satisfied with hot waffles and sweet cold ice cream, never mind the taste (well, it matters but not so much). So Scoopz is definitely more value for money, plus Haato & Co.’s ice cream tends to be much creamier and milky which doesn’t go down as well with me. Don’t ask about the quality of service though. At one I could barely hear the cashier nor understand her; at the other we waited almost half an hour for our waffles because the ladies forgot our order. I think it is the generally poor service in most local shops in Singapore. I can never have high expectations of the quality of service in Singapore, it pains me to say.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean those waffles and ice cream are any less warm happy things! So there, enjoy the last two days of our holiday freedom! :)


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