Sending off my first group of N Level students

This morning I sent off the first group of N Level Students I taught to sit for their national examinations. To the school and most teachers, they would have had the privilege of watching cohort after cohort of students enter the school hall, sit for their papers, and collect their results at the end of the year.

It does feel different knowing that the group of students under your charge for the past one year is now going to sit for a major national examination. Will they do well? Have you done them and their parents justice, teaching them? Have they studied? Are they prepared? Will their minds blank out? Are they studying for the examination? Are they following the steps you have reiterated over and over again? Did they annotate the text before starting? Did they have enough sleep? Are they still writing, trying to beat the clock? Do they understand the vocabulary in the unseen text? How are the questions, were they tough? Do they remember PEEL? Are they trying their best? Will they remember what I taught them?

You know the list can go on if I wanted heh.

I expected to feel more anxious, more jittery, less calm. But strangely all those questions were very much safely contained in my mind. Their questions before the paper did not faze me; their reports after the paper did not scare me. I hope they will do well, but if they did not, and the results show it, I have done everything I could within the past year to get them to where they are now.

Hoshao, you have done whatever you can this year, to get them to where they are now.


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