It has been one and a half years since I became a teacher to a classroom of dear monkeys, and after that long, I have come to realise one thing that is very important to me – relationships. No matter whether we have a professional working relationship, or a personal friendly relationship, it matters that it is a positive one. I get very much affected when a relationship I have with someone is unpleasant, or imbalanced. It feels like I have to settle it before the world will spin right again.

I was looking through the albums of photographs on Facebook of these wonderful people I have been working with and learning from the past one to two years, and really wanted to remind myself how awesome these people are, and how they are all so wondrously special to me.

This is M, ever so jubilant and enthusiastic and never afraid to speak her mind. :)

There is also the youthful and steady, pretty little teacher, honest, humble and realistic in her ideas and willing to lend a hand or word of advice to us young ones! This is L and I in a sea of students and residents at a public event.

There are some strange twins in the staffroom on certain days…

And my co-form who helps in whatever and whenever he can although sometimes I do feel like smacking him.

This is such a dear friend I will miss so much next year. :( She shares her thoughts so honestly, is so patient, and has helped me so much to integrate into the school!

Mentor who loves, cares and guides so patiently.

Friends whom you can speak without any pretenses or reservations. Miss S loves cheese (like I do!), pastamania (like I do!), and is a friend who is so easy to talk to! Meet Pup and Happyberrie, they will be best friends! Of course, Ms Y was the nice one who was behind the lens in this shot!

Here is my wonderful co-teacher, H, who is just so wonderfully the embodiment of grace and charm. She is an example of a contract teacher who has never looked down on herself or her colleagues, and who truly cares for her students (i’m so glad they know it!) and has become such a great friend outside of work! She doesn’t quite know how to take flattering photographs though hm.

Hmm I realised this is not a fair representation of the many wonderful colleagues I have come to respect (because we don’t go around taking photographs of our colleagues). But it is truly a blessing to have known every single one of them!

(The next time, I have to talk about my lovely monkeys..!)


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