O Happy Day

I could not sleep last night so I sat on the couch stoning at Survivor on TV way past midnight (I obviously didn’t keep up with watching it or I should remember the season and episode.) thinking about this happy morning and the beautiful memories it would make for SH and YC. :)

I was super excited for a really good friend and dear sister was getting married today. I was also anxious – that something wouldn’t go well – and I’d disappoint the bride! To set the context, this is the first wedding I was invited to be such a close part of, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The action just seems so much more meaningful when you see it up close.

A good friend reminded me that this was her day and all it mattered was that she was happy. I knew that – I just wasn’t sure I could stop myself from feeling emotional when the moment came. (Like a mother heh.) But after today, I realized that all the qualms can disappear when you truly care for someone. The moment things kick-started, seeing the bride beaming, the sisters glowing, the parents full of pride and joy, the groom and brothers in high anticipation… there just wasn’t any reason to think about your own qualms and it became so easy to focus on the blushing bride and her moment.

It was a beautiful service. Remember a few years ago See couldn’t be entirely sure this was the man God intended her to marry. Yet seeing them both exchange vows at the altar this morning, the culmination of their eight-year relationship in marriage, was the most perfect thing anyone could ask for. I am so glad that God has blessed them both with each other, and may He use them to bless many more people in the many years to come.



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