The Turkey’s Getting Fat!

christmas tree

Christmas is coming, the turkey’s getting fat!

When we were much younger, Christmas used to be a pretty big thing. We would always have those delectable Christmas dishes – stuffed turkey, apple-glazed ham, chicken nuggets and cocktail sausages with zucchinis on sticks, log cakes and fruit tarts on the dining table and family get-together meals although we were not Christians who necessarily celebrated the festivity. After mum became a Christian, Christmas took on a slightly different touch. We could invite our friends home for a Christmas party with games, goodie bags and mum would share a short bit of the Bible before we had our Christmas meal. Added a more meaningful thread to the season’s celebration.

But one thing that would always remain unchanged during our childhood was the presence of the Christmas tree. We would fix up the tree and then proceed to embellish it with lovely colourful ornaments. There would be this beautiful red and white Christmas rug that we would lay on the ground for the tree, and on some years generously put on some cotton wool at the bottom of the tree to fluff it up with snow. Of course, then we line up the bottom of the tree with presents! Of all shapes and sizes, some wrapped in glossy or sparkly wrapping paper, some with bows. After our dad left and we grew up, our fascination with the Christmas tree came to a halt. We stopped putting up and decorating the Christmas tree, there was always a delicious Christmas dinner with close family and/or friends, but the tree and the presents it brought were no longer featured in our home, perhaps because there was little reason for them to be.

So what kind of Christmas do we have today?

I have come to observe that we express our fascination and joy of the season in our own individual ways. My sis loves to bake, and she would bake up a storm in the kitchen to show her excitement and love for Christ during Christmas. So since December she has been hard at work kneading and mixing, cutting and baking trays and trays of cinnamon rolls, gingerbread sticks and jam cookies. Everyday when one of us walk through the door, we would take in a whiff and excitedly ask, “Wow! What did you make today?” Then moving on to a Christmas-cookie-tasting-spree.


These were not baked by my sister, but they look pretty similar! So sis would bake these cookies filled with jam and lots of love, and this afternoon she tells me she is baking trays of these cookies for the nursing students at our church. I love food but the process of preparing it can sometimes be a tad too tedious for my patience and liking, but I am so (secretly) proud of my sis for wanting to extend her love and joy to people outside our home in this way. This was her way of showing God’s love to others, and I think it’s great.

I am a lover of words, and I take every greeting card I make or send out very seriously. In fact, most of the times I end up doing this:

writing and rewriting letters

writing and rewriting letters


I still believe words hold the most meaning and whether in speech or in writing, I hope I can use them to touch the hearts of people just like my sis bakes to share that bit of Christmas joy with others. What makes it really special is that none of us treat what we are doing leading up to this Christmas as routine or merely following tradition. Every tray of cookies baked and every card written for someone else is done with the purpose of sharing a little bit of shining light with someone else.

May this Christmas season be one where we bless and are blessed by one another!


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