Chapter Closed

Refer to: last week.

After a brief dialogue session with the students, the chapter has finally come to a bittersweet but pleasant close. There will be no enrolment for Pure Literature at Sec 5 this year, hopefully entirely to the benefit of the students, and I get to teach more Secondary 1 Literature lessons.

A few days ago our P wrote each of us a postcard and left it on our desks. It was such a sweet and personal gesture, that reaffirmed and encouraged many of us I believe, me too, of course. It wasn’t that she wrote us a postcard that was sweet; it was the fact that she bothered to write everyone something different on that postcard – something that resonated with our beliefs, affirmed our competencies, and encouraged us to desire and pursue greater growth.

Thank you Lord, for little moments of encouragement through gestures of thoughtfulness.



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