Sacred Friday Evenings!

ImageFor those of us who know the weekends to be an extension of the work week where we scramble to meet our deadlines, Friday evenings should exist as a all-work-prohibited time. It should be time to spend with family (and to some, church is family), with loved ones, and with yourself. I have established a routine to cast aside all work on Fridays after school, and just spend some time pampering myself, whether with friends or family. I go out for a good meal, some exquisite coffee, or chillax ice cream to people-watch, think and reflect. It just gives me some me-time to run away into oblivion. It is when all work is cast aside and I throw myself into a continuum where time and reality is suspended.

Which makes it all the more important for newly-weds to spend Friday evenings away from work and just snuggle in each other’s arms and enjoy being in each other’s presence. Sometimes we get too little (quiet) time for that, and personal time just comes at too high a cost to afford.

Movie nights when a couple curls up together on a couch, legs outstretched, sharing a bowl of popcorn (saltly, please!) or bag of chips, or plate of fruits, watching a movie in a room of dimmed lights could be just like heaven.

Take Friday evenings off, and give you and your loved ones a break!


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