Now Would Be A Good Time

At times, I am beginning to feel bored of my boring singularly self-possessed lifestyle. I suppose it is those times when I think, “Now would be a good time…”

Walking on a road alone to somewhere

Walking on a road alone to somewhere


Take for example this one-week-long school holiday, or today when I was faced with time on my hands and an itch to do something. This morning would have been a good time for someone, anybody, to say “You free today?”

I would have agreed to go to a museum, cycle in the park, go for a haircut or facial, shop in town, catch a movie, even go on a date if someone asked.

For today was simply a good day lined up for some spontaneity and relaxation. And as time passed and the clock continued to tick, that heart which welcomed some spontaneous activity and some good company just grew older and more tired.

I suppose this little groan of mine sounds so whiny because Monday will hit me in the face and there will this onslaught of emails, meetings, marking and work waiting to be done.

Oh, and a really messy pigsty-of-a-table to deal with.



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