To Break We Must

neverending to-do list!

neverending to-do list!


So a wise friend, teacher and mentor once said, “If you have started marking on Day 1, you are most likely to still be marking on the last day. So live your holidays to the fullest!” He is right, so I am trying to feel as little guilt as possible. Over the past three days of our holiday, I have tried my best to do things other than work. Of these I am not always proud, but I have:

  • Watched 1 TW Idol drama (and skipped many episodes in between but yeah, I ingested the gist of the story – and that counts) 
  • Had dinners with 2 groups of friends (whee!)
  • Watched a movie: The Croods (which was surprisingly good, I must say!)
  • Surfed lots of stuff online (hoho timewasterrrr)
  • Walked around shopping malls aimlessly
  • Took long walks in the park
  • Did a facial
  • Slept late (haha!)
  • Slept in!
  • Did some papercutting (for the students’ birthday gifts)

Well, I did some work too.

  • Set an examination paper partially – with a colleague
  • Had 2 meetings in school
  • Met some parents
  • Replied some emails and got things rolling (I hope!)

HAHA. Should I get glad that my “non-work” list is longer than my “work completed” list?

To break we must.


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