Your humanity and commitment has inspired me, your struggles of being human has moved me to tears, and your courage to keep trying has empowered me. As much as the pain and suffering did not cease as we had hoped, your compassion and heart for others have certainly made me respect you more. For that, I can only pray that my God be with you, take care of you, and extend His hands of grace and mercy upon you and give you peace. Peace when you are alone at home, peace when you are fighting the demons of your mind and soul, peace when you are anxious, and peace with yourself. I believe that God is able to heal and empower you mightily; that in His time He will make things all right. I can only pray and hope that you hold on tightly until that day comes. May God continuously watch over you even as you leave us and even as our hopes and plans go awry, for He holds the masterplan in His hands. Praise be to God!


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