That Class of Students

There is always a class of students (or two) who seems to make teaching a greater challenge than it is. After 10 weeks of lessons compromised by disruptive student behaviour and an attitude bordering on defeatism, I honestly poured out everything I wanted to say to them in fifteen minutes today. I don’t know how much of these thoughts will translate into tangible action, but I couldn’t let things go just like that anymore. It is time to take the next course(s) of action. 

But I did not quite pray for them either. I have never prayed that God inspire them and help them to pay attention in class. I have never asked that God have mercy on those students who wants to learn and grant them a greater ability to concentrate and persevere in their work. O Lord, please help me and this class of students – to be inspired to work hard, to have their minds and hearts removed from other cares of the world, to enjoy the process of learning. 

May I be inspired to love them no matter how tough it seems, to care for them as individual persons, to be concerned for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Give me a greater heart to love – it is indeed easy to love when we think someone is deserving. But give us someone difficult, someone we think is undeserving, and how many of us could say we truly want the best for them and truly can love them? 

O God, now I know why we cannot be good teachers (or good anything) without You, and without Your love. Please empower me and give me the wisdom to deal with the struggles I face in the workplace. And face each struggle and challenge squarely in the face with joy and hope knowing that with our Lord, we can overcome. 



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