My grandma is the humblest of all ladies, and kindest of all ladies. Despite her weak knee and shrinking physical body, she goes to church every Sunday without fail. She used to take public transport on her own, until her kneecap caused too much worry, then she would have my uncle give her a lift. When they are away on holiday (and trust me, it is not uncommon), she would make plans to attend another church service with us. Her faithfulness in seeking the Lord and desire to worship God is exemplary. I love my grandma. She would also prepare our favourite dishes when we visit her. When we get busier and do not visit as often, she would never complain, but instead ask after us out of concern. She is one of those grandmas who would pick up the phone and call us to talk on the phone, or tell her children off with her own wisdom from experience. 

May God bless our special, strong super lady, who is always so gracious, humble, meek and mild in manner and faith. Despite her small frame, she has a heart of courage and independence. May her spirit always be filled with God that it leaps for joy and hope, may she always find peace in the Lord and enjoy her life with her children and grand-children, and may her mind be warmed by the goodness and truth of the Bible. May she always dwell in the house of the Lord, forever. 


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