The Other Sides of Life

Here are some skills and cool stuff I would like to explore in the near future, just so that I do more than just, well, teach and mark. smile.

Art classes (Estimated cost: S$500 for 10 sessions)

I still have not had the time to sign up with the Adult Art Class with My Art Studio (as promised) but I will!

Barista Class (Estimated cost: S$200 for a crash-course)

A Group-on advertisement this morning inspired me to take on some short barista classes. I probably won’t pursue this as a career in the near future, but if I am going to keep this identity as a coffee lover (read: addict), then I should get down to knowing some coffee stuff.

Sewing Classes (Estimated cost: S$500 for 10 sessions)

A colleague and friend signed up for sewing classes with Uyii, and I may want to try my hands at sewing some bags, pouches and such some day! Attune myself to my girlish side teehee.

Singing Classes (Estimated cost: S$500)

I watched Pitch Perfect recently, and the movie really reminded me of how much I enjoyed singing in an a capella group a few years back when I was in University. As much as I do have some musical background learning the piano and playing the suona and singing in a choir, I know my voice is not consistent and I do want to (1) singing better and (2) make sure I am using my voice correctly in the classroom.

Ukelele classes (Estimated cost: S$300)

To own some other instrument than my voice, and use it to make happy music? Why not? :)


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