Had enough.

I have had it with their tardiness and irresponsibility, and for some of them, sheer complacency at thinking that things will roll themselves out into an acceptable OK mess, that their ability will get them somewhere.

I hate it that we have to answer to everybody … for somebody else’s results that is not a result of our tardiness, or irresponsibility or complacency. Why should we bear the brunt of their whims and fancies, and their targets and goals, when we have our personal aspirations and dreams to protect?

But of course, fiery passionate zest of beliefs can only last that long. They are authentic and true, powerful and legitimate, but they don’t last forever.

Today I called his mum to inform her of the consequence of his attitude. I just logged into Facebook and realised that today was his birthday. Well Done. It really must be a wake-up call for the family then. I just feel terrible for the mum. Terrible.


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