Boy A

Boy A sometimes misses school for a few days at a time, sometimes up to a week, because of his frail health. He fell ill before his mid-year examination, and right after the exams had an appointment with a specialist. Yesterday I asked him how he was, and as much as it was a personal affair and he probably felt uncomfortable talking about it, he looked like he was really trying to be brave under that quiet, wide-eyed, good-natured and happy front. He explained what was the diagnosis and status objectively, and explained that he may have to go for an operation after a second check-up. “Are you okay, are you scared?” I asked him. And that was when he looked up at me and nodded and said, “Yes I am quite scared… because…” At that time I wanted to give him a huge hug to say, “It’ll be okay, don’t worry, be brave.”

This is the same boy who comes to school with a smile each day, helps to throw out the rubbish even though it isn’t his duty to do so, and is very adorable and slightly quirky. He reminds me a little of myself – he will walk straight towards his class, suddenly come to a halt, turn around, and bow and greet us, his teachers. I hope this boy finds peace and strength and gets well really really soon! Dear Lord, please keep him and comfort him with Your love and power. 


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