World Beyond Me

The past few posts have been really selfish and possibly even arrogant. Tonight I wanted to try put into words the unspoken care and support God has given me through fabulous people I often take so much for granted. 

On Wednesday I had a dinner appointment with some old teacher friends. I was expecting a possibly awkward gathering given that four of them would be bringing their spouses or partners to the dinner. But I was left absolutely speechless when they surprised me instead with a cake, card and birthday earrings from Chomel. I have never felt so shamed and embarrassed at being so selfish before; and at the same time, so moved that Roomie See and those wonderful people were so genuinely caring and supportive. 

This evening as I was battling a prolonged bout of flu, I asked my brothers what they would like for dinner. Mum and sis had gone abroad for a month for a summer programme at Regent College (whee!), and I was to help stay above it all and make sure the house doesn’t fall apart. Tonight, they whipped up a meal for me because my birthday is a few days away, and the youngest brother would have to go back into camp tonight. They banned me from entering the kitchen and prepared a generous plate of pasta, cheese sausages and egg – how could they assume I have the same appetite as they? 

Despite a few nasty downers, the week has been looking up because there are just so many reasons to smile, and people around you remind you of those reasons. Thank you Lord, for this beautiful world. ;) 


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