Overseas in June



Some friends and I went to Universal Studios Singapore. It was my debut trip there and it as much as I cannot wrap my finger around how people would pay so much, and queue so long for rides that last for less than three minutes, I enjoyed it. It is horrifically commericalised indulgence in excess, but it was a different world and it provided an avenue of thrill and entertainment.

My favourite was the 3D Transformers ride, followed by Battlestar Galactica Human. I could not appreciate being tossed around inside the 360 degree spins and turns like in Cylon, although I liked the exhilarating experience of falling from mid-air in Human.

I would not pay close to a hundred bucks to visit USS again anytime soon (not in a few years I am sure) – but I am thankful for today’s experience. :) At least now I can go back and read all the essays my students are writing about USS and Battlestar Galactica and understand them from the inside out.



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