Table for One

A cooking blog with the post entitled “Table for One” made it to the WordPress Freshly Pressed tabs this week, and I found those three words in the title extremely uncanny and familiar. It is a phrase I commonly end up quoting to the servers and waiters at restaurants when waiting to be ushered in to a seat.

Previously the request “table for one” made me feel slightly uncomfortable because dining alone does not seem like usual sight here. Also not to mention the questioning glances some guests or staff may give you as you walk to the seat you are ushered to. Perhaps they believe (and with good reason) that a good meal should be enjoyed with good company.

But what might have made me wince previously actually makes me relaxed and happy now. Of course there are days when I wish for companionship with some good friends to enjoy the meal while talking about how life has been. But there are also those undeniable days when I just crave the careless solitude that I can enjoy after a long day at work. The simple fact that there is no one you need to entertain or be conscious about or try sustain a conversation with. Just you, your dinner, and a nice casual environment that nestles your private thoughts and emotions.

What kind of assumptions come with the phrase “table for one”?


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