A Second Life


Writer: I would read, so much, that my knowledge of books would fuel my love for words, for ever. Because words are not cheap, I would write only those things that matter, give myself a voice.

Anthropologist: I would sit by a windowsill with a cup of coffee, enjoying the unadulterated bliss of people watching and sketching in my plain modest notebook. It does not matter what brew the coffee is, that is the barista’s to mind. Mine would simply be to observe, patiently, understand and appreciate.

Cafe owner: I would create a space for working adults to live and relax, with friends or family. An area away from work and politics that exists solely for the purpose of rejuvenating souls who come through the doors. A space with wooden shelves filled with literature that would revitalise the soul and inspire conversations from the heart. Working hand in hand with able bakers and baristas to reach out to the greater community.

Wife: I would brew a fresh simple cup of coffee every morning for the husband before he goes to work. No frills and other elaborate fancies that could complicate the modest empowerment of a cup of coffee. It would be his morning dose of caffeine to enrich his mind body and soul as he labours in goodwill for the Lord. It would be a constant staple in our marriage; a way to say “I love you.”

And if I could not live those lives, I would at least fulfill those same purposes. I would read and write, and give myself and people like me a voice. I would spend simple hours in life understanding and appreciating others, being thankful for the world as it is. I would create my own classroom, my own space, where I am, and rejuvenate hearts and minds of people I come into contact with. I would be the faithful prayerful wife to a God-fearing husband, the ardent supporter and devoted lover.


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