Chips and their undertones

Lays sour cream and onion chips, Chicken flavoured   Twisties, Kangaroo brand peanuts and Mister pringles bbq potato chips sat in a bag on the table while we watched “27 Dresses”.

“I wonder what I should eat. I can’t decide.” I announced.

“You should just eat Lays.” My friends joked coyly. “No question about that .”

“But there are so many other choices. What makes you think Lays is the right one for me?” I countered.

My favourite chips would have been Ruffles but since there wasn’t any, I might need to make do.

“Well I do like sour cream and onion…”

“Whoa then what are you waiting for?” My friends responded in unison.

“Because even if I usually go for that flavour, sometimes change is good. Maybe I like other things too.” I quipped. “Besides, I don’t like the packaging. The bottle makes it very hard to appreciate the snack.”

“Come on, you can get used to it.” They chimed.

“Sure I will.” I mumbled sarcastically. I had somewhat decided on the packet of Lays, but the other choices still enticed me clearly . “What if I want a taste of the rest too? Can we all share them?”

“You’re such a player.” One groaned.

“Oh noo how can we do that? We are not interested in Lays anyway.” The other added.

I sighed incredulous at their persistence.

Eventually, I decided that all things considered, Lays was the better choice, and I should just ignore their good natured jests and enjoy my chips and the movie.


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