One of those Facebook things

A friend (and someone I truly respect and admire in the realm of teaching and literature) posed a question on Facebook:

You have six months off work. You must:
a) learn a skill (either something new or improve one you already possess)
b) live in a country for three of those six months
c) work in a completely different job from what you usually do.

a) what skills would you want to learn? b) which country would you want to stay in? c) what job/s would you do?

These are fun, think-about-them-because-they-probably-will-not-come-true questions that I want to make myself think about! Plus, why not share them to the world on your blog, than to limit your audience by posting a comment on Facebook? (tee hee.)

Here is my response:

a) Singing. Or learning the ukelele. Or both.
b) Switzerland. Or New Zealand.
c) A barista and service staff at one of those coffee joints or cafes. I figured I would learn all there is to know about coffees and teas as a barista, so there!

Now… how about I try to make them come true?


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