And I suppose the trait I am drawn to in a man is

I made an interesting discovery yesterday. First let me introduce you to three of my favourite movie characters. Then perhaps you might concur that they do share one or two rather distinct qualities which ultimately led me to my conclusion.

1) This is Agent Phil Coulson, from SHIELD.


If you review previous Marvels superhero flicks you may find him in the background quietly working for SHIELD, such as in the two Thor films. Apparently fans will find him alive to play the upcoming drama series on Fox, “Agents of Shield”. Phil Coulson won me over in THE AVENGERS.

My favourite scenes were each time Agent Coulson would so eagerly fanboy over Captain America. He represented all of us. Yet at the same time, despite his minor role in SHIELD, he never failed to carru out his duties with pride, honour and commitment.
Rather than fear death, he looked at Loki in the eye and said he would never win because “You lack conviction.” That was such an act of a courageous and principled man.

2) This is Samwise from Lord of the Rings.


He too, decided to follow Master Frodo and be his companion all the way to Mordor. He would not leave because the going got tough or because Frodo asked him to go. “I made a promise.” He persisted to the point where he almost drowned in the waters.

Sam’s character never got the glory Frodo or the other knights received. But that was not what Sam cared for. After the journey, he returned home to marry his childhood sweetheart, another act of a courageous, committed and humble young man.

3) And finally, this is Loki.


Okay, this is Tom Hiddleston, but he played Loki in Thor. I know Phil Coulson accused this fellow of lacking conviction, but I think Loki’ s character became a lot more vulnerable and human than in the first instalment. That human quality was the redeeming factor for me.

So, I figured that…

These man are never the ones who enjoy the limelight, yet I find their characters incredibly attractive. They hold true to their beliefs (well Loki did hold true to wanting to be King of Asgaard) and were man of principle (apart from Loki). I am drawn to their sense of commitment and faithfulness to their purpose, their friends and their calling.

It doesn’t matter if this mister shao can hold a tune or looks fantastic and knows how to pair a tie with boots. What counts for me would be someone who had the courage to hold true to what they believe in and the strength to pursue something better.


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