For Them

About a week ago she shared with us things that bothered her at work. To an extent it affected all of us because we belong to the same unit, the same family. I know it must be challenging to have to keep things suppressed within you for years and years, for confiding in others will only lead to more trouble, strained relationships… and the only other option is to wait on prayer for things to change. It takes a lot of patience and courage I think, to realise that God is not absent when things go bad. What cannot be resolved with human intellect and human reason, can only be resolved by the power and grace of God. 

My prayer is that she finds the comfort that we cannot provide in God; and the affirming knowledge that He is sovereign and is Lord over what man cannot control. What she cannot confide in others, she can take it to the good Lord in prayer, where He will answer. What cannot be worked out by human reason, we can take comfort in knowing that we can work out with God’s help. In time, difficulties and challenges can be overcome and good can come out of it. 

It’s Christmas! May this be the first of many more a prayer a day


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