For Us

This morning I shared an SMS conversation with a brother whose frustrations reflected a little of my own. May we share in the spiritual blessing of enjoying a foretaste of heaven with our brothers and sisters in Christ by humbling ourselves and investing our time and heart in the kronos, cherished time with our friends and family. When work eats up a large slice of the pie of our lives, we have lesser or close to zero time to share with our friends and family. It becomes harder and harder to relate to others and for others to relate to you, and you become more selective about who you choose to share your social bubble with. It becomes more difficult with time because you grow increasingly distant.

Dear Lord, may our hearts be humbled and open to share what little of our life with others. May we always remember that every second we breathe we live for You, and seek to build up instead of push away. Grant us the wisdom to manage our lives in a God-fearing and God-pleasing way, so that our lives will always be centred around You, not on ourselves or objects of our choice. Give us the courage to share our lives with others even when it gets difficult. Thank you, for being our Saviour and Almighty God.


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