Our First Meeting

Tomorrow we go back to work after a one and a half month holiday. For some of us we have avoided returning to our workplace at all costs. The idea of going back to school for meetings is  terrifying and unsettling and irritating for so many reasons. Some reasons I can barely lay a finger on and begin to understand. But I do know that I need every ounce of joy and peace from my Lord that I can find to face tomorrow bravely. I know not what tomorrow may bring but I know that it can bring me closer to my Lord and I will ask for just that. May I graciously give more than I receive, be slower to react and less impulsive in making mental judgments. May I let the spirit of joy and hope flow through my being. May I in faith be affirmed that I labour for my Lord and not for man. May whatever tomorrow brings allow me to see the grace and goodness of my Lord magnified and glorious. :)


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