Back In Full Swing

It feels like things are back in full swing after this week, with gym on Monday, CCA on Tuesday, CCA meeting and prayer meeting on Wednesday, Poly Open house visit on Friday, and CCA Display Day on Saturday. Teachers are falling sick and I myself am not spared from the symptoms of flu and a raspy throat. I am hoping next week will be less tedious and more compassionate to all of us.



Week Zero

Week Zero consists of two days of school. All my lessons comprised re-introductions and target setting activities. Even I find myself unwilling to start lessons proper. And the bare minimal number of classroom teaching these two days have already driven us near to the point of exhaustion – many of us found ourselves craving sleep before the end of Friday – the trend so glaringly obvious and hard to ignore. 

I want to whisper a prayer for 2014. For the form class young’uns who will be streamed into different classes next year. I pray that even with parents, teachers and themselves breathing down their necks, these little ones will be able to hold on to a sense of goodness, truthfulness and joy, as they find their will to persevere. It is sad I will only see them no more than two to three hours a week – but I know my Lord is the Overseer and He will guide them and keep them. 

My second whisper of a prayer is for the Sec 4 students I teach. We had a bad year in 2013, fighting angst and plenty of rage, but they seem ready to give 2014 another try with me so I thank and praise God for that. I pray that I have the wisdom to motivate them to persist, to discipline when I need to, and to the courage and commitment to do so even when the going gets tough. I pray they all have a sense of perseverance and humility to learn even when times do get dull and boring and difficult. I pray that they have a blast of a year to end their Secondary school education with. :) 

I also remember the lower Secondary young’uns and Literature peeps whom I will be meeting for the first time next week. May this year be smashingly good and blessed for all.