The First Does Make A Difference



Three years ago I met a class of students who over the next two years gave me a whole lot of joy, heartache and angst. They grew frustrated and cynical as they slowly discovered the inefficiencies and handicaps of the system they were a part of. They carried the burdens from home and outside of school into the classroom and struggled with meeting expectations of their parents their teachers and their own. God gave me the huge blessing of seeing them through four years of their education in school in the first four years of my teaching profession, and I cannot describe how grateful I am for being able to be a part of that.

At our cross-country yesterday, a number of them participated in the competitive run representing their classes. I got a pleasant shock as i saw them standing in line during the prize presentation ceremony. They won themselves medals and their participation even won their class the best class in the level – and a trophy.

I think the best part was seeing them also proud of their accomplishments. They even relented and took a photo with me! I guess the best moments of being a teacher are when your own students taste the joy of their own achievements.

The feeling of pride is heightened for me as their form teacher. It is hard to describe but they always say the first form class you have feels different, and it does. The students will always have a special place in your heart. For a second time yesterday, I felt that I might just miss these kids to tears when they leave at the end of the year. :'(


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