Moment of Affirmation

Last evening A and I, together with another colleague of ours, took 60 young people to the Shakespeare in the Park, Merchant of Venice at Fort Canning Park. As a teacher overseeing the programme, I was nothing short of a gigantormous worrywart, even though I should be working with A as a team, I feel a huge burden on myself to make sure things go smoothly. And if God was not merciful, many things could have happened- it could have poured halfway, we could have been late, our payment for  the tickets may have been so delayed we were denied entry, students could have gone missing, the play could have been so boring, students got scolded in public for being a nuisance… the list goes on. But God is good, and the children enjoyed themselves, and they were thrilled at the refreshing prospect of sitting on the grass for a picnic with snacks and their group of friends to watch a live play… I think they loved the selfies and phototaking and these are the awesome memories I am so thankful will accompany them as part of their Secondary school education experience.

And after that evening I just want to remind myself that all the effort that went into the planning of this programme since months ago was worth it. The students were well-behaved generally, and they were full of excitement, enthusiasm and praise for the play and  the cast, they all brought along their picnic mats and snacks, and came happy and energetic ready to take in the experience. It was great the play coincided with the text they were studying in Secondary school, and they found it remarkably enjoyable. The excitement and the joy of basking under the stars together watching a Shakespearean play – affirmed that every effort that  we put in for our students, will pay off. Such are the moments of affirmation. Thank you Lord. :)


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