Happy Notes


In light of the recent dissonance among Singaporeans about CPF and CPF blogger Roy Ngerng, we may tend to view anything on the open web with a shifty eye. Is this permitted? Is this comment right? Should this be said? Yet, amidst this cloud of distrust and doubt, I think it is important to recognise the value of social media as a platform to share happiness and graciousness in the world.

I don’t know about you, but I feel uneasy whenever acts of defamation or flaming is committed online. When a stranger posts a scathing comment on a friend’s status update on Facebook, or when someone bombards a business with bitingly harsh criticism on Facebook, or when a shadow is cast over another’s reputation, because we boldly tap on the extensiveness and power of social media to forward our agendas.

What about when others use social media to share happy things? I remember sending ONE, a chamber choir, an email commending them on how their performance was honest and moving – and made me feel such strong personal emotions when I was in the concert hall for the first time in a long time. It gave me the opportunity to look into myself, and engage in a window of contemplative reflection. It didn’t just make them feel good – it made me feel good as well. The act of complimenting or thanking someone, simply for a good experience, made me glow with even greater happiness.

Recently I ordered some prints and a cement stack (to display my photographs at my new workstation) from SPS (Social Print Studio). This quirky and fun team is committed to producing high-quality prints and products with fabulous service. The cool thing was when I zipped open the packages sent to me, there would always be a pretty sticker label and a contact card, and/or some small personal touch (a stamp, a memo note) thanking me for being their customer and sharing in their joy of creating such beautiful prints. I was intrigued by their website and how fun and down-to-earth their work environment seemed to be. It made me jealous. But more importantly, I also sent them an email – hoping to share how happy their enthusiasm for their craft made me as a customer across the world feel.

The joy of sharing happiness through the web did not stop there. Within a few hours, I received a reply from them, thanking me personally for the feedback and offering 50% off the next shipping costs. It made my day. :) These were real people who did not just take in my positive feedback and hope I would continue to return as a customer. They really responded to me as their valued customer, something that seems long lost.

This has reaffirmed my belief that we should keep using the Internet as a platform to spread the happiness to others. :)


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