Two days ago I woke up feeling an indescribable pang of ache in my left leg and lower back. After doing some slow stretches to try relief the pain, I made myself go to work anyway, only to find myself wincing in pain as I sat on the hard chair waiting for the four hour long meeting to come to an end. I did not feel right, and my body was finding all sorts of ways to convince me that I need to take care of my health!

The doctor said I was suffering from a lower back sprain, with the pain nestled deep within the fats in my bums, that there was nothing I could do about it except wait for it to subside in one or two weeks, that I need to start doing exercises to strength my core muscles, that I just have to maintain the right posture and wait it out.


It is time to look out for my body a little more than my tastebuds or emotions.

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