Christmas Blessings

This year, our caroling team comprises brothers and sisters outside of our church choir. Instead of caroling at home gatherings hosted by church members, we took a leap of faith and ventured beyond the four walls of the church and will be taking our Christmas carols to two homes in our community – Dover Park Hospice and Econ Old Age Home.

I am filled with trepidation at the possibility of screwing up our visit. We represent our church and more significantly and truly, we want to represent Christ and bring good tidings of joy, hope and peace to more people. Yet we are unprofessional singers, most of us without any musical knowledge or background. This is why I feel so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to bring our carols to a wider community today. Our voices are far from perfect, but I pray that God’s angels sing with us and fill us with overflowing joy and peace, that our entire being will be full of praise for God and we bring undeniably good tidings to the residents.


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