“Add Me on Instagram”

That was what my mum said to me this morning. It caught me absolutely off guard, and I could only muster a brief but insistent whine that hopefully indicates my discomfort towards that idea. It did not keep her from asking a second and third time in the next fifteen minutes though. And by the end of it, I was feeling flushed and on the verge of irritation with the list of reasons why I should ‘add her on Instagram’.

Among them was that we were family, or that we need to set a good example to others, or that there must not be anything that people can criticise about, or that I would willingly let my friends into my Instagram life but not my family.

I remain indignant that this is a matter of personal choice. Even I choose my Instagram and Facebook friends carefully because I do not wish for random happenings in my life to be publicised to just anyone. Sounds completely ironic given that this journal is technically speaking, public.


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