Head Space during the Lunar New Year

Things seem to just spiral on, event after event, day after day, week after week, the moment 2015 started. It is a little too quick to handle, too fast for me to stop and ‘smell the roses’, to notice and appreciate the other insignificant little things that could together make up a very pretty picture.

In yesterday’s “MIND YOUR BODY” Living column, I read about the necessity for ‘head space’ – the alone personal time you have to be disengaged from all electronic (and non-electronic) distractions, and just reflect, think and pray about life and you, and everything else that truly matter in kairos. And I realised I have not had that time to pause, reflect and write or read, as a form of re-calibrating my lifestyle, if you would have it.

Even during the festive Lunar New Year period, the home visiting can easily become one of those very things that demand your attention and energy. Which is why I am hugely thankful for the time to break away and find some time to think about how the past 2 months have been since the start of 2015, even if it comes at the expense of my marking.

I am thankful for friends. The past two months have been manageable because of friendships that support. S and our random dinner dates when we get too zonked out from school is always a refreshing way to end a long day of fire-fighting or nonsense. When we get upset our colleagues are there to give us a hand or offer a piece of candy to brighten up our day.

I am thankful for my students. As miserable as they can make me, they are also the meaning behind what we do. We want them to learn, we want them to mature, we want them to become people of sound and steadfast character, who is able to find succeed in life in the future. They challenge me to take my job seriously (no half-hearted lessons!), to find ways to make myself better (a good adult role model, as I try to walk the talk), to inspire me when life’s circumstances make them hardier than me.

I am thankful for my family. There is always a home to come back to, a safe environment (although there is not much room for a study/work space) to relax and unwind in, a working television set (haha! what could be more important?), my own bedroom (because my brothers are abroad), and the comforts of a stable loving family.

I am thankful for my job. As practical as that sounds, it provides me with the stability and financial independence to make decisions such as where to have dinner at, what clothes to buy, what movie to watch. It gives me something meaningful to do and challenges me to make myself better and more confident than previously.

We are going for an overseas camp next week. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe, and the trip is an uplifting and positive experience for all of us!


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