Hello there :)

I have a tendency to register a new blog every year or so because it feels like it marks the beginning of a new chapter of our constantly-changing lives. A few months ago I decided that constancy is a gift in the fluxes of life, and one that should be held onto. So I celebrate constancy with WritingPromisingChange.

I would like to think of myself as an aspiring young educator in a local secondary school. As a teacher we are trained to always look calm, respond professionally to all situations, and maintain our teacher ethic and decorum – especially in front of our students. But one honest fact is every day I walk out of the classroom, and there are many many times I feel defeated, worn out, heavy laden, and in need of a glass of cold milk and a little lovin. Yet, believe it if you will, the joys and pleasures come tied with the pains and disappointments in this career. I have no other way to describe it, and I still do not yet know how to explain it.

A year before, I liked to think of myself as someone like this:

Books, literature, and words charm me. Jane Eyre, despite being the cheesy dark-heroic romance novel, thrills me.

I also love receiving mail. I love typing on the keyboard, but nothing really beats the novelty of fingering the stamp, tearing open an envelope, and reading a letter word by word. <3

I love colours, and can never decide which is my favorite. I think they make the world a brighter place to live in, and every single colour out of a colour pencil tin is precious and beautiful.

Pizzas are my favorite food. I feel a bit shameful to admit that increasingly, because these are the kinds of food people have a crush on as teenagers (and I’m am too unhealthy for any more pizza!). But a freshly-baked, warm pizza slice with a tomato base slapped on, slices of ham, generous amounts of cheese and onions etc. is the most satisfying meal anyone can ever ask for!

I also love pretty looking things like this pink porcelain bowl of chocolate-chip biscuits. Yum. It smells like bliss. :)

Lastly, hanging out a cafe by myself is always a treat for me. There’s something magical and personal about being able to sit at a cafe with a good book and a cup of hot coffee. I could spend hours doing something like that. Three cheers to good books at a good cafe! :)

But no more rosy-coloured pictures and idyllic paintings now. Well not all of the above is untrue, they mostly still hold true, somewhat. But a year on, I have come to realize that there are more important things in life that pinning down pretty things that you decide define you. Instead, I hope the continuous entries in this blog will chart my personal development in heart, mind and soul, and be honest in its representation of who I am and who I am becoming.


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